Overview: Blasphemous

Blasphemous may well be 2022’s gnarliest on-line recreation. Its odds are unquestionably up there. Drawing direct inspiration from the usual suspects like Dark Souls and Castlevania – the gathering, I indicate, not merely Symphony of the Evening time – Blasphemous crafts a bleak world dominated thru a sinister, all-encompassing non secular fervor. Topic issues of sinners,… Continue reading Overview: Blasphemous

Overview: Creature within the Smartly

There may be one sure-fire strategy to get me to concentrate on your upcoming game: merely tell me it’s one factor I truly like with pinball. “It’s a metroidvania…with pinball!” Imagine the physically model purchased. “It’s Senran Kagura…with pinball!” Add it to my collection presently. “It’s Metroid…with pinball!” I will be able to acquire a… Continue reading Overview: Creature within the Smartly