Total War WARHAMMER II The Warden And The Paunch-PARADOX

The Warden & the Paunch is the most recent Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II. Introducing two rival Legendary Lords from the sector of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, each and every with their very own factions, targets, mechanics, gadgets and playstyle, to be used in each the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns, and customized/multiplayer battles.

Eltharion the Grim instructions Yvresse (High Elves) whilst Grom the Paunch leads the Broken Axe Tribe (Greenskins). Neither Yvresse nor the Broken Axe tribe are concerned within the Vortex race, however are pitted in opposition to one some other as everlasting nemeses, on a collision direction to a last climactic come across the place best one can emerge the victor.

Long has Eltharion the Warden of Tor Yvresse stood sentinel, ever-watchful for indicators of Greenskin incursion. While he campaigned in a foreign country in opposition to the Druchii of Naggarond in ages previous, Tor Yvresse just about fell as the fairway tsunami of Grom the Paunch’s mythical Waaagh! roared thru Ulthuan. After defeating Grom and scattering his hordes, Eltharion swore that no Orc or Goblin dirt would ever set foot in his lands once more.

But Grom has different designs. His cavernous stomach aches for a rematch, and his starvation for vengeance is matched best through his titanic urge for food. As his gobbos generally tend to the effervescent cauldron, delighting him with each and every tasty new morsel, his plans start to set. He’ll acquire all of them, the bosses and the men, wind them as much as a fever pitch, and lead them on a Waaagh! the likes of which the sector hasn’t ever observed. This time, Tor Yvresse will fall, and its snooty Warden will kneel sooner than the mighty Paunch!

High Elves – Eltharion the Grim (Yvresse)

Unique faction mechanics:

Athel Tamarha

In a secluded Yvresse mountainside lies Athel Tamarha, Eltharion’s base of operations. It lies in ruins, untouched since Grom’s earlier Waaagh!, however Eltharion seeks to rebuild it in Tor Yvresse’s defence.
In Eltharion’s marketing campaign, Athel Tamarha is represented through a brand new panel the place the participant rebuilds constructions to achieve a large number of distinctive advantages. In addition, Eltharion can use his distinctive Warden’s Cage skill in opposition to enemy Heroes and Lords in struggle. Should they fall whilst below its affect, they’re going to be imprisoned in Athel Tamarha for interrogation…

Athel Tamarha has quite a lot of constructions throughout two distinctive chains which will also be rebuilt. Each complements Tor Yvresse’s defence score and grants the next:

  • The Silent Sentinels chain can build up Tor Yvresse’s defence score and permit the recruitment and upgrading of elite Mistwalker gadgets, plus expanding recruitment capacities for a number of distinctive elite unit sorts to be had to Eltharion.
  • The Watchers of Yvresse chain permit the interrogation of captured Heroes and Lords, enhancements to the Mist of Yvresse, and bonuses to Eltharion’s Influence.
  • Through the wondering, vanquishing and indoctrination of captives, Eltharion can acquire helpful data and different advantages.

Mist of Yvresse
Tor Yvresse will turn into step by step shrouded through an enchanted mist, improving all of Eltharion’s troops and disrupting enemies stuck inside of it. 

  • Provides the original Army Ability ‘Envelop in Mist’ which reinforces your troops’ efficiency when preventing inside of its affect
  • Athel Tamarha upgrades grant further results because the Mist turn into more potent.
  • Increasing the energy of the Mist of Yvresse will in the end purpose it to hide all of Ulthuan as a protecting support.

Defence of Yvresse
Eltharion will steadily building up defensive energy at Tor Yvresse, as Eltharion’s fatherland turns into more and more fortified in opposition to invasion.

  • At the marketing campaign outset, town of Tor Yvresse will start in a broken state till upgrades are finished, progressing town into rebuilt then fortified states. This is mirrored in any battles fought over Tor Yvresse, affording more and more more potent defensive skills and choices for Eltharion. 
  • The Yvresse defence degree additionally expands the Mist of Yvresse to hide additional areas of Ulthuan, improving Eltharion’s forces and weakening interlopers.   

Rite: Invocation of Ladrielle
For Eltharion, the Invocation of Isha is changed through the Invocation of Ladrielle, which empowers the Mists of Yvresse.

New Units and Characters:

Eltharion (Legendary Lord)
Eltharion the Grim is the unflinching warden of Tor Yvresse. Atop his mighty Griffon, Stormwing, he swoops into struggle with peerless conviction.

Eltharion wields a spear and a sword, in addition to being a caster of High Magic. This provides him the versatility to vary his function in struggle in line with the cases to hand. His defence-focused skills additionally make him superb at retaining company struggle traces.

Archmage (Lord)
The High Elven Archmages are among the best practitioners of Magic inside the mortal geographical regions. With the advent of the Archmage, High Elf avid gamers now have get entry to to all 8 core Winds of Magic and the Lore of High Magic to make a choice from, excellent for individuals who want a extra magic-focused playstyle.

High Elf Rangers are population of Ulthuan’s extra far off spaces and are known as upon in occasions of want.

Silverin Guard
Heavy Spear unit for High Elves. The Silverin Guard are tasked with protecting the Watchstone of Tor Yvresse – a waystone of fabulous energy.

War Lions of Chrace
These fearsome beasts are fatal searching cats with a muscular body and a pointy, crafty thoughts. Almost as tall on the shoulders as an Elven Steed, a War Lion is some distance more potent, ready to wreck bones with each and every sweep of its claws and shatter even helmeted heads with a unmarried chomp of its fanged maw.

Lion Chariot of Chrace
Many of the Phoenix King’s bodyguard trip to struggle in Lion Chariots. Each of those white-timbered structures is drawn through a couple of snarling War Lions whose savage energy is belied through their tom cat grace and assuredly plaited manes.

Arcane Phoenix
The Arcane Phoenix is an impressive and fearsome creature with a wingspan as nice as any of the mighty War Eagles of the High Elves. Cloaked in blazing feathers that may flip the sharpest arrow, it’s the dwelling embodiment of the harmful and purging Wind of Aqshy.

Campaign Exclusive Units: Eltharion’s Mistwalkers

The Skyhawks
Swift and vigorous, the Skyhawks by no means weary of struggle, all the time status in a position to combat to the demise if essential.

Sentinels of Astaril
Former coaching companions to the Warden himself in his formative years, the Sentinels are among his maximum relied on servicemen.

Spire Guard of Tor Yvresse
The honour guards of the Warden’s tower are Tor Yvresse’s main defenders, and the anchor round which its armies acquire.

Athel Tamarha Faithbearers
Once of the family of Eltharion’s overdue father, the Faithbearers’ guilt over their grasp’s demise drives them to combat to reclaim their valour.

Knights of Tor Gaval
Thanks to the demanding situations of coaching of their murky fatherland, the Knights of Tor Gaval are rightly stated to be among essentially the most gifted of wingmen in all Ulthuan.

New Regiments of Renown
Talons of Tor Caleda (Archers Light Armour)
The Talons of Tor Caleda are an elite unit for Archers who serve the Prince of Caledor.

Rahagra’s Pride (War Lions of Chrace)
Rahagra’s Pride inherit their title from the fabled father of white lions.

Omen of Asuryan (Arcane Phoenix)
Arcane Phoenixes are the partners of Asuryan the Creator, harbingers of woe and bearers of hope in equivalent measure. They are drawn from Asuryan’s aspect when the Winds of Magic howl in the course of the international of mortals in mighty storms, and in far-off mist-shrouded Ulthuan the High Elves are forewarned of the approaching of those magical tempests through the unexpected manifestation of Arcane Phoenixes within the skies above their island house. They are a blended omen; an emblem of destruction quickly to come back in addition to the hope of rebirth.

Greenskins – Grom the Paunch (Broken Axe)

Unique mechanics and lines:

Grom’s Cauldron

Grom has an insatiable urge for food, as his girth attests to. In a Grom marketing campaign, you’ll in finding various substances world wide with which to cook dinner up a spread of recipes. By combining other substances in Grom’s Cauldron, Grom and his boyz will be capable to banquet and acquire particular powers.

  • Unlock a variety of other substances from marketing campaign exploration, and through assembly the Troll Hag Food Merchant.
  • Combine substances to shape dishes, each and every of which supplies distinctive buffs to Grom and his military
  • Some dishes can upload particular gadgets to Grom’s military
  • Cooking up and sampling a undeniable collection of dishes will completely reinforce Grom himself.


During Grom’s mythical Waaagh!, his maximum relied on Shaman, Ol’ Blacktoof, just about introduced destruction to Ulthuan and past through felling the Elven Waystones and drawing their energy into himself. Fate intervened within the type of Eltharion, who separated Blacktoof’s head well from his shoulders. But the shaman’s surging energy helped him to cheat true demise, and his disembodied head serves his grasp nonetheless.

  • While Niblet is Grom’s leader marketing consultant, Blacktoof will now and again utter steerage to Grom, turning in duties and moulding the adventure to his inevitable and decisive showdown with Eltharion.
  • Blacktoof’s head will even take at the function of a distinct merchandise in Grom’s marketing campaign. He is also assigned to a Shaman, granting the power to summon a Rogue Idol in struggle.

New Units and Characters:

Grom the Paunch (Legendary Lord)
Grom is the self-styled king of the goblins. He wields the mighty Axe of Grom, and rides into struggle atop the robust Chariot of Grom, together with his trusty Night Goblin Assistant and usual bearer, Niblet.

The presence of Grom close to pleasant troops conjures up them with a management buff. If Grom makes his means into the preventing, that buff will increase.

Grom is ALWAYS fastened atop the Chariot of Grom.

Giant River Hag Troll (Hero)
Giant River Troll Hags are hateful and sour creatures, some distance greater and extra unhealthy than their not unusual kinfolk. These Lore of Death casters are invested with an innate skill to form the Winds of Magic as they stir the brackish waters wherein they stay.

Snotling Pump Wagons
The Snotling Pump Wagon is a picket preventing platform on wheels. Like a chariot, a Pump Wagon hurtles against the foe to run them over. However, the Pump Wagon rumbles below its personal energy, with momentum supplied through Snotlings, who frantically pump crude contraptions and cranks to pressure the belts that flip the wheels.

Snotling Pump Wagons (Flappas)
Flappas are crude wings, hooked up to the aspect of the Pump Wagon, and flapped up and down through the movements of the team. This lets in the Pump Wagon to make brief jumps because it bounces alongside.

Snotling Pump Wagons (Spiky Rollers)
These Pump Wagons are fitted with a curler studded with sharp spikes.

River Trolls
A River Troll rather resembles a riverbed: lined in sediment, slime, rotting plants, fish carcasses, and quite a lot of different smelly detritus whose exact nature and beginning are too terrible to think about. In all chance the River Troll’s stink is even worse than that of the riverbed, since one can upload the Troll’s non-public miasma to the ill-omened mélange of odours emitted from the mucky smears on its pores and skin.

Stone Trolls
Stone Trolls are a definite breed of Troll which are living completely in caves and the mountainous areas of the sector. Since they live to tell the tale rocky mountains, they generally tend to devour huge amounts of stone, the herbal magical inertia of which imbues them with a undeniable level of magical resistance.

Rogue Idol
Rogue Idols are mighty magical constructs being able to weigh down armoured knights, batter town partitions and absolutely anything else that will get of their means with their brutal fists.

New Regiments of Renown
Logey Bogey’s Spore ‘Sploda’s (Snotling Pump Wagon)
The maximum unhinged Snotlings connect in point of fact giant explodin’ spores to the entrance in their Wagons, which burst when the Pump Wagon hits anything else.

Da Swamp Fings (River Trolls)
Da Swamp ‘Fings are a scary band of River Trolls which purpose Terror and feature Poison Attacks.

Da Big ‘Un (Rogue Idol)
Da Big ‘Un is the largest, baddest, meanest, maximum crafty Rogue Idol ever conjured.

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Total War WARHAMMER II The Warden And The Paunch-PARADOX

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