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About This Game

Maia is a odd and adversarial alien global, poisonous to people, but lush with new lifestyles. Your challenge is to colonise this poison eden, live to tell the tale it’s risks and identify humanity’s first foothold within the stars. Created by way of impartial developer Simon Roth, Maia is an area colony simulation recreation about surviving and thriving on every other global.

Build your Base

Burrow into Maia’s mineral wealthy crust to construct and organize a fancy base that fulfills your colonist’s wishes. They’ll want someplace to sleep, someplace to construct and a gentle provide of meals, water and effort.

An Enormous Procedurally-Generated World

Twelve gentle years from earth, the planet Maia circles Tau Ceti. Its environment is poisonous, its floor is ravaged by way of sun flares, tremendous storms, and meteor blasts and its volatile crust is continuously shifted by way of catastrophic earthquakes. Nevertheless, it’s theoretically liveable. Explore Maia thru a chain of huge procedurally generated and entirely simulated challenge spaces, each and every one a number of kilometres in dimension.

Challenge Yourself

With a completely fledged narrative marketing campaign, stand on my own missions and several other customized sandbox modes, Maia has many, some ways to check your control talent and creativity.

Research and Learn from the Planet to Survive

Maia is a difficult science fiction recreation in response to actual or extrapolated era. Some of the colonist’s gear had been introduced with them, however others will have to be made of what they may be able to to find. Once your base is up and operating colonists can start to find out about the local atmosphere researching new tactics to make use of the wildlife of Maia to their merit.

Dangerous Atmosphere

Maia’s environment is poisonous to people, so that you could stay protected you’ll want moderately organize the ambience round your base with neatly positioned airlocks, environment turbines, warmers and air vents. Air drift and conduction, convection and radiation of warmth are realistically simulated, emulating the fatal problem of surviving on an alien global.

Advanced Colonists AI

In Maia you don’t have direct keep an eye on of your colonists, they function on their very own initiative, pleasant their want and desires. You’ll want to handle each their our bodies and minds if you wish to have any of them to live to tell the tale. They are deeply simulated from their psychological states, metabolisms, illnesses, right down to the sweat evaporating from their pores and skin. They can be informed new abilities, shape bonds and relationships, counsel adjustments in your base or even write poetry and tune.

An Army of Robots

Colonising an alien global isn’t one thing humanity can do on my own, as an alternative they’ve created robot helpers to do the roles they don’t wish to. The I.M.P. robotic digs thru Maia’s crust and collects helpful minerals, the Utility Repair Robot looks after all that regimen repairs people can’t be afflicted with.

First Person Mode

Experience Maia in the course of the eyes of your puppy AIs. Assume direct keep an eye on of robots, doorways, and cameras and discover your base in first individual, without delay interacting with it by way of appearing your robot duties. Become a part of the arena you’ve constructed.

Genetically Engineered Super Chickens

To live to tell the tale, your colonists will want to create and organize new resources of meals. Build hydroponics, lift farm animals and in the end seize and cultivate the alien fauna. Unfortunately maximum of it tastes horrible.

Custom Engine

Maia runs on a customized recreation engine written completely for the sport. This permits the sport to make use of little or no processing energy to run its deep simulation around the many cores of recent CPUS.

Immersive Soundtrack

Maia’s ambient soundtrack was once recorded from actual vintage synthesisers onto tape giving it a wealthy and unique science fiction feeling.

Maia Firestorm-PLAZA

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