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Death to all Coca Cola Cans with This Miniature Arduino Powered Cannon

[MJKZZ] sends on this entertaining little educational on development a small computerized cannon out of a syringe.

He begins the construct off through editing an arc lighter, the partiality type one may use to mild a hearth on a windy day, in order that it may be managed through a micro-controller. The arc is moved to the needle finish of the syringe with a cautious application of wires and sizzling glue. When the syringe is full of a little of alcohol and the unique plunger is pressed again in a small spark will ship it flying again out in an overly gratifying type.

Of route it wouldn’t be a right kind Mod with out an Arduino added on for no explanation why instead of the enjoyment of doing so. [MKJZZ] provides an ultrasonic sensor into the combination which, when precipitated as it should be through an invading object fires the arc lighter the use of a reed relay.

He demonstrates the construct through getting rid of an intruding coke can on his paintings bench. You can see it within the video after the damage. All in all an overly a laugh Mod.