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Geek Trivia: The CPU Socket That Supported The Most Diverse Stable Of CPUs Was The?

A close up shot of a naked Socket 7 CPU socket.Appaloosa/Wikimedia

Answer: Socket 7

These days, it’s no longer unusual to have a motherboard and a CPU socket that accepts an excessively slender collection of CPU modules from a unmarried producer. If you learn laptop development boards, sure forums and socket types are beneficial as a result of they settle for perhaps two or three other processor designs from the similar producer.

Long earlier than the age of hyper-specialized sockets, on the other hand, it was once not unusual for motherboard producers and CPU designers alike to make use of not unusual requirements. In reality, the top of this cross-compatibility was once, a ways and away, the mid-1990s Socket 7 design.

Released within the overdue spring of 1995, Socket 7 introduced a better level of cross-compatibility than any previous socket and any socket design that adopted. Socket 7 may just settle for Intel’s Pentium P5 and Pentium MMX processors in addition to AMD’s K5 and K6 processors, Cyrix’s 6×86 processor line, the IDT WinChip, and the Rise Technology mP6 (AMD Geode LX and Geode GX used Socket 7 till 2020).

Thanks to its backward compatibility with Socket 5 (Socket 6 was once by no means launched for public use), Socket 7 boasted fortify for a large number of processors throughout virtually a part dozen producers.