Measuring Impedance Virtually

(*2*) We all the time experience a [FesZ] video and we wonder whether the ā€œZā€ stands for impedance? Thatā€™s the subject of his newest video collection: (*3*)measuring impedance with LTSpice. After all, he additionally does his standard thorough task of mapping the digital international to the true one. You’ll be able to see the video… Continue reading Measuring Impedance Virtually

Mod Your Engine Virtually

(*2*) It’s no secret that we love simulating circuits prior to we construct one thing and there are many nice gear for that. However what about the ones people who paintings on automobiles? Neatly, chances are you’ll take a look at engine-sim which is a real-time inner combustion engine simulation. Truthfully, this system freely admits… Continue reading Mod Your Engine Virtually