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Apple Watch and Wheelchair App Makers: Do Better. Now.


Photo by means of Seth kane on Unsplash

Since the advent of Watch OS 3, Apple has been touting the power for other people like myself to make use of the Apple Watch to watch our pushes, similar to an in a position bodied person would use it to trace their steps. We are actually getting very as regards to Watch OS 7 being launched…

And the effects are nonetheless dangerous. I imply in point of fact dangerous.

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I paintings downtown, about 30 miles from my area. Being paraplegic, I additionally use hand controls to power my truck. The procedure is inconspicuous. I push down at the hand controls to gasoline and ahead to brake.

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Photo by means of Simon Daoudi on Unsplash

Seems like the easiest alternative for Apple to make advances of their “push” for Accessibility (pun supposed) to attempt to get this proper in upcoming variations of WatchOS and iOS.

We. Shall. See.