Telegram founder Pavel Durov today showed off a brief glimpse at Telegram’s upcoming visionOS app, which is one of the first third-party ‌visionOS‌ app concepts that we’ve seen so far.

In the video, which is available on Telegram and was first noticed by 9to5Mac, the Telegram app has a translucent design that blends into the area surrounding it, which is the design language that Apple is using for ‌visionOS‌.

The app has a sidebar that lists all of the available conversations that a user has going. Videos that are played pop out of the interface and become more immersive, while emoji characters take over the display and animate in unique ways when shared. Messages can be sent using a virtual keyboard or through dictation via Siri.

As with all ‌visionOS‌ icons on the Home interface, the Telegram icon animates and pops out a bit when it is visually selected, with the animation serving as a visual cue that the app is highlighted. A tap of the fingers launches the app, as the Vision Pro headset uses eye and gesture navigation.

Apple is expected to launch the Vision Pro in early 2024, which likely translates to during or before the month of April. We should soon be seeing many other third-party app ‌visionOS‌ experiences as the debut date approaches.

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