Termux: Boot

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Termux: Boot

This addon will run scripts in an instant after instrument was once booted.


  • google-play
  • Important: Do no longer combine installations of Termux and Addons between Google Play and F-Droid. They are offered at those portals on your comfort. There are compatibility problems when blending installations from those Internet portals. This is as a result of each and every download web site makes use of a selected key for keysigning Termux and Addons.

    1. Install the Termux:Boot app.

    2. Start the Termux:Boot app as soon as through clicking on its launcher icon. This lets in the app to be run at boot.

    3. Create the ~/.termux/boot/ listing: Put scripts you need to execute within the ~/.termux/boot/ listing. If there are a couple of information, they’ll be completed in a taken care of order. Note that you could wish to run termux-wake-lock as very first thing if you wish to be sure that the instrument is averted from sound asleep.

    Example: to begin an sshd server and save you the instrument from sound asleep at boot, create the next record at ~/.termux/boot/start-sshd:

    #!/knowledge/knowledge/com.termux/information/usr/bin/sh termux-wake-lock sshd