The Amiga 2000 You All the time Sought after


Again within the overdue Eighties, Commodore pulled the masterstroke of promoting a number of fashions and generations of Amiga that had been all powered by way of necessarily the similar velocity 68000 and related chipset. Positive, there have been variations within the RAM and different choices you should have compatibility and later fashions had a couple of additional graphics modes. Nonetheless, the entry-level A500 did considerably the similar because the high-end A2000. Regardless of, we the enthusiasts all sought after a 2000 anyway, even though we generally discovered ourselves not able to come up with the money for one. It’s 2021 now even though, so if you happen to by no means completed the dream of proudly owning your individual A2000, now you’ll construct one of your individual! It’s the duty [Drygol] has taken on, with an A2000 made totally from new elements, save for a couple of salvaged Commodore-specific chips and connectors.

At its middle is an attractive sport of the unique PCB that we’re guessing might be of significant pastime to house owners whose NiCd batteries have leaked and corroded their originals. It’s all through-hole, however the sheer dimension of a motherboard nonetheless makes it a frightening prospect to solder by way of hand. There are an enormous amount of decoupling and ESD elements that every one must be held with tape prior to the board is flipped over for soldering, after which all of the chips are socketed. A Fats Agnes deal with generator was once fitted on a RAM growth daughterboard, main to a couple vital issues because it proved to not be suitable and needed to be got rid of.

The entire is installed an overly low-profile PC case with suitable risers for the Zorro slots, after which in is going a collection of upgrades most certainly no longer noticed in the similar position since about 1993. We don’t acknowledge all of them, however we will see accelerators, a floppy emulator, an HDD emulator the use of a CF card, and is {that a} community card we undercover agent? This gadget continues to be a piece in growth, however we will ensure it could had been an excessive object of need thirty years in the past. See it in motion within the video underneath the wreck.

If rebuilding an Amiga pursuits you, (*3*)we took a have a look at the state of the remanufactured portions scene for the platform ultimate 12 months.

(*1*)[embedded content]