Driving is more fun when you have good music playing, but recently some Android Auto users can’t fully relate to this. Following the Android 14 update, some users of the Android Auto service on their vehicles have had a hard time accessing their music streaming apps. Aside from navigation, music streaming is one feature that users of the app benefit from during their daily commute.

Users of the app that are facing this issue report that it all started after they updated to Android 14. After the update, linking their smartphone to their vehicle’s infotainment system didn’t pull up music streaming. They explain that their music streaming apps accessible on their vehicle via Android Auto have randomly gone silent.

Now this isn’t an issue that is affecting just one music streaming app but a host of apps. Most of the apps that users report that are facing this issue are commonly used among drivers. Various car models are also facing this issue, so it isn’t something that just one car model is facing.

A fix might be in the works for the Android Auto music app issue Android 14 users are experiencing

From the reports, it is clear that Pixel users are the majority that are facing this issue. Google has long started to roll out the Android 14 update to Pixel smartphones. This update seems to make music apps on Android Auto not function properly, and some users are experiencing this.

Some people facing this issue have come out to speak about their experiences. Each one of them is finding it hard to play music from the music apps they have on Android Auto. This leads them to embark on rides without any music, and this isn’t ideal for some rides.

Those facing this issue are quite frustrated and have come online to air their thoughts. Google is now gathering the reports they are giving to identify and solve the problem. At the moment, there is a fix for this bug that is affecting some Android Auto users.

However, there seems to be some effort on Google’s part to solve the problem as effectively as possible. It’s also good to note that not all Android Auto users are facing this issue. Additionally, not all Pixel users are facing this same issue, but there are some quick temporary fixes for those facing this issue.

These temporary fixes include restarting the song or reconnecting the device to the car’s infotainment. At the moment, the issue fluctuates as it doesn’t always mute the audio from various music apps. In the coming week, Android Auto users might see a lasting fix to this issue from Google.

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