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The Android Auto beta program for testing the redesign is full… again [U]

Android Auto finally released its long-awaited redesign last week, but without room for new users to join in on the fun. Over the past day or so, Google appears to have opened up a few more slots for the Android Auto beta program.

Update 11/17: The Android Auto program appears to be full yet again. See below for more.

The Android Auto redesign brings a revamped experience to Google’s in-car platform with a primary focus on split-screen views and easy access to other apps. You can have Google Maps and Spotify visible at once on virtually any size display, while also having a new taskbar at the bottom of the screen with quick access to a select few apps.

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Google released the Android Auto redesign known as “Coolwalk” into beta last week, and the update was quickly available for a huge number of Android Auto users in a matter of hours. However, it was only available to those already in the Android Auto beta program. If you hadn’t joined prior, there was no way to sign up at the time.

Luckily, Google appears to have made some room in the Android Auto beta program.

Update 11/17: It came unexpectedly and left quickly. After barely a day of availability, the Android Auto beta program appears to be at maximum capacity again with sign-ups closed. If you didn’t get in, you might just be out of luck. There’s always a chance the program will open up more slots again, but it seems the official opportunities are closed for the time being.

A Reddit thread captures reports of dozens of users from the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and other countries where the Android Auto beta in the Play Store is open and accepting new sign-ups. This is the first time in quite a while that space has been made available in the program. Some users report seeing a notification in the Android Auto app prompting them to join the program, but that doesn’t seem to be happening across the board.

However, there is a quick way to join the Android Auto beta program. Using a direct link to the Android Auto beta testing page allows you to “Become a tester” immediately, so long as the program doesn’t reach its maximum capacity yet again. Once you’ve joined the program, you’ll see an update to the latest Android Auto beta through the Play Store, and should see “Coolwalk” not long after.

If you get in and start seeing the redesign, drop a comment below!

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