The Crimson Countess through Michael Anderle

(*1*)The Crimson Countess through Michael Anderle (Valentina Winters #1)
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ATLANTICA—the forgotten isle, the glittering gem within the cesspool of humanity’s long run. Anything else you do within your home is permitted.
This is a dog-eat-dog international of millionaires and billionaires. The remainder of society underneath them reside in lack of know-how.
The ones on the most sensible have cash, gear, folks, assassins and murderers.
One such murderer was once a rumor, a fantasy, a ghost within the evening.
The Crimson Countess, the woman Valentina Winters.

A participant among the elite has one thing Valentina needs, and she or he is prepared to do maximum anything else to get it. Together with his jobs.
Robbery of secrets and techniques, acquisition of passwords, most likely a dying or two if want be.

That’s energy others within the hierarchy concern, and the place there’s concern, there are alternatives.
Whilst you play with an murderer, you had higher be sure to don’t get bit.
Do those that need Atlantica’s secrets and techniques in reality care?
It’s all amusing and video games till the our bodies get started losing.
And that’s amusing as long as the our bodies aren’t theirs.
But if the enticements of Atlantica grip your soul, don’t say we didn’t alert you.

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