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The Dolby Access app is asking me to buy it again even though already purchased

Help: Dolby Atmos for Headphones (Dolby Access App) with bluetooth headphones


I’m having an issue with Dolby Atmos for Headphones and I’m wondering if anyone else has had similar experience.

TLDR: Help correcting issue. Dolby Atmos for Headphones add-on for Dolby Access App purchased from the Microsoft Store installed on laptop. Worked with bluetooth headphones once as expected after install but hasn’t functioned since. Works as expected w/ wired headphones and external speakers (3.5 mm audio jack) and with internal laptop speakers but not with bluetooth headphones. Tried reinstall of add-on and app w/ and w/out system reboot step.

I’ve purchased “Dolby Atmos for Headphones” add-on (“DAfH” from here; dev: Dolby Laboratories) for “Dolby Access App” from the Microsoft Store and installed on my laptop (ThinkPad P1 gen4). The issue involves use with bluetooth headphones. When bluetooth headphones are connected, I’m able to select DAfH from “Spatial Sound” through both the taskbar tray sound icon (right-click) and Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback tab -> Headphones [device name] -> Spatial Sound tab, but there is an issue. When changing audio eq in Settings tab of Dolby Access App the changes are not affecting any audio quality changes. When using headphones or external speakers connected through 3.5 mm jack on laptop similar changes in audio eq affect audio quality almost instantly. One weird thing is that when the add-on was first installed (some time ago) it worked as expected affecting a change in audio quality, but after a system reboot the behavior is not as expected and I’ve been dealing with this issue since. I’ve tried reinstalling both DAfH add-on and Dolby Access App multiple times with and without system restart step, but the problem persists. Any advice on how to correct this issue is very appreciated.