Target has a great deal on the Ember Mug 2 which means you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to save money and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Normally this retails for $149.99 but it’s currently on sale for $110 so you can save $40. Unlike a normal coffee mug the Ember Mug 2 keeps your coffee hot for long periods of time.

But it’s less about keeping your coffee hot and more about making sure it’s the perfect temperature. That’s the beauty of this mug. It’s a smart mug so you can connect it to the Ember app and set your preferred temperature. From there you can pour in your coffee and it’ll stay at that temperature until you’re done with it. Or until the battery on the mug dies.

Here’s what’s great about the battery though. It lasts for 80 minutes on a single charge. So that should be plenty of time to drink your perfect cup. If it’s not, don’t worry. The included charging coaster will keep the mug topped off with battery power so the coffee stays hot all day. It’s wonderful really and the perfect companion to a home office. Of course it doesn’t just work for coffee you can use it for tea or any other hot drink as well.

The temperature range goes from 120-degrees to 145-degrees and it holds up to 14oz of liquid. Obviously because of the electronics in this thing you don’t want to microwave it and you need to handwash it. But those things aside, it’s easy to clean and keep clean. You can snag this deal on the Ember Mug 2 from the link below.

Ember Mug 2 – Target

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