The Ghost Pact by way of Ben Wolf

(*1*)The Ghost Pact by way of Ben Wolf (Tech Ghost #2)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 1.2 MB

A scientist with a secret…
…a colonist send below assault…
…and best one guy can save them each.
After slightly surviving the horrors in ACM mine 1134, Justin Barclay and his ghostly tagalong board a colonist send certain for a brand new international. As they discover the futuristic colonist town inside the send, they temporarily understand all isn’t as it sort of feels.
The coming of Dr. Hallie Hayes, a fugitive scientist, arrives at the colonist send in a while after. Her price: get her lifestyles’s paintings to the core Coalition planets ahead of it falls into the incorrect palms.

However she’s too past due.
Her pursuers have tracked her to the colonist send…
…they usually’ve introduced a literal military with them.
Lovestruck and desperate to strike at Hallie’s enemies for his personal non-public causes, Justin fights to maintain her secret and forestall her pursuers as soon as and for all.
Can Justin save Hallie ahead of the enemy captures her and seizes her lifestyles’s paintings? Or will his intervention unharness an excellent higher calamity within the procedure?

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