series of improvements to the Google Wallet app are making it more of a digital wallet than just a place to store money. Some of the things that users can now store on the wallet app include tickets, government IDs, and physical documents. Of course, the physical documents will need to be scanned into a soft copy document before it’s stored.

With this upgrade or evolution, users of the Google Wallet app will no longer need to carry a physical wallet. Just with their smartphone, users of this app can access all their essential documents with ease. The most recent addition to the app is support for workplace ID cards, which is more than impressive.

Now users don’t have to worry about forgetting their workplace ID cards at home because it is already on their smartphone. This evolution is bringing the next level of comfort and protection of valuable user documents. If you are tired of carrying your bulky wallet with tons of IDs and physical documents around, then you can consider switching to the Google Wallet app.

Google Wallet is getting more capable as it allows users to store more documents in it

Google is actively working to make it possible for users of the Wallet app to store their documents on the app. To do this, the tech giant is working with governmental agencies around the US to bring support IDs to the app. Currently, the government of certain states permit the storing and safekeeping of their issued IDs on the wallet app.

This app is now evolving from just being a financial wallet to becoming a digital wallet. Just like a physical wallet, users can store documents and IDs, not just money. Over time, this digital wallet app from Google is getting support for more IDs and documents.

The most recent addition is the support for employee workplace ID that users need to get into their place of work. This is a great addition and will help users to move light while entering their place of work. Google is helping to eradicate the need for physical wallets and championing the switch to digital wallets.

With this move in place, there is a need for user security to ensure the safekeeping of these IDs and documents. To ensure that the personal IDs and documents users store on this app are safe, Google is strengthening the security of the wallet app. With a good level of security, users will no longer need to worry about their personal information getting into the hands of bad actors.

If you are for this change and want to switch to a digital wallet, you can install the Google Wallet app. This is available on both the Play Store and the App Store on your devices. If you already have the app, then you can install the update to bring the new features like support for employee workplace IDs.

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