Recently, we’ve been following rumors surrounding one of the first generative AI-focused hardware devices. Called the Humane AI Pin, this device is now official. The founders of the company just gave a short and sweet announcement of the device.

In case you don’t know what the AI Pin is, it’s a small AI-powered device that attaches to your clothes. The device is able to scan objects in the real world and use what it scans as input. It also has a microphone that allows you to talk to it and ask it questions. Think of it like attaching ChatGPT to your shirt.

The AI Pin has access to a suite of AI services stored on the cloud, and this gives the device a seamless AI-powered experience. So, instead of going to a specific app to do a certain task, all you have to do is ask the AI PIn whatever you want, and it will automatically choose the AI service and perform the task you asked.

The AI Pin comes with an onboard battery; however, the pin attaches magnetically to an external battery that the company calls a Battery Booster. This will charge the internal battery, thus adding to the longevity. When you get your pack, it will come with two battery Boosters.

The AI Pin is now official

After several months of waiting, the AI Pin was finally made official, and the company shared some details about the device. It uses a Snapdragon processor, but the company didn’t reveal which one.

If you’re thinking about the price of this device, it’s a reasonable $699. In the pack, you’ll get the device with several components. The pack includes the AI Pin (shocker), two Battery Boosters, a wireless charging pad, a cable, a wall adapter, and a charging case. The charging case works just like a charging case for a pair of TWS headphones.

If you’ve been following the rumors, you may have heard about the $24/month monthly subscription. Well, it turns out to be true, and it grants you unlimited talk/text/data through T-Mobile, cloud storage, and several other perks.

If you’re sold on this device, then you’ll want to check out the link below.

Check out the AI Pin

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