HyperX is tossing out some great discounts for gaming gear for Black Friday, and luckily those discounts include the Cloud III Wireless. A gaming headset that has a battery which lasts for literal DAYS of consecutive use. Normally retailing for $169.99, HyperX has knocked the price down to $129.99. Tired of plugging your gaming headset in every few days? Well now’s your chance to step into the Cloud III Wireless. It has a battery life of up to 120 hours. And if you’re like me and you use it only 3-5 hours a day, it’ll be weeks before you plug this in. Weeks. That’s bonkers.

HyperX Cloud III Wireless – Amazon

This has been one of my favorite things about this headset. Aside from it actually delivering good quality audio of course. For me, battery life is one of the most important factors in a wireless headset. And the Cloud III Wireless delivers here tenfold. But I know that battery life isn’t everything and it’s not everyone’s main concern. With that in mind, the Cloud III Wireless delivers on a whole lot more too.

Another really neat factor of the headset is that it’s compatible with multiple platforms. But here’s the really cool thing. The low-latency adapter that comes with it is both USB-C and USB-A. Initially it’s a USB-C adapter but then HyperX had to go and be an extra cool company and package in a different adapter that uses USB-A. It has a USB-C port on one end so you just slide on top of the USB-C adapter and now you can use it with USB-A devices. So you still get the low-latency audio. This makes it compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, and mobile devices. It even works with handheld PCs like the Steam Deck.

But it doesn’t stop there. It comes with detachable mic as well and HyperX designed it to be durable. If you’re looking for a good long-lasting headset at a really affordable price, check out the Cloud III Wireless.

HyperX Cloud III Wireless – Amazon

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