The MediEvil remake has long gone gold

It is the little problems. #MediEvil (*3*)#GoldMaster

— Different Ocean (@Other_Ocean) (*(*17*)*)September 17, 2022

Different Ocean Interactive has offered that art work on the MediEvil remake is complete. The game has now not too way back lengthy long gone gold and will also be on track to get sent to pressing factories for its physically model. The long-awaited reimagining of the PS1 antique, MediEvil will also be releasing on October 25, 2022, for the PS4.

I’m needless to say excited to offer this a spin, even though my love for the series is kind of in line with nostalgia. I have a lot of fond memories of trekking through that demo disc when I was a child and I’ve always wanted to get a correct wack at the sequel. Confidently, if this remake turns out good enough, Different Ocean can check out its hand at remaking (*17*) and maybe even creating 3? I will be able to dream, a minimum of.