Sharp is bringing OLED technology to the Roku Smart TV class for the first time. This new series from Sharp packs two models with different screen sizes but very similar features and specifications. Judging from the asking prices of these new smart TVs, it is clear that they are flagship models and offer great features.

These products are hitting the market and already going in for Black Friday sales with some discounts. What’s more impressive is the set of features and specifications that this smart TV series brings to the table. Potential buyers will have them up against the competition to find out if the new entries from Sharp are a better buy in any way.

Well, for those potential buyers out making comparisons, they will likely put these new entries up against other Roku TVs. In this category, the new entries from Sharp excel in one area, which is their display and what they have to offer here. Here are the details on these new Roku TVs from Sharp that might sweep you off your feet.

Sharp excels in display and brings easy-to-use software on its new Roku Smart TVs

The new Sharp smart TVs and the first products to blend OLED technology and Roku software. With their software, these TVs assure users of a smooth experience without any difficulties. Yes, over time, lots of people have come to love Roku TVs for their easy-to-use and simple design.

Roku TV also offers users a ton of apps at their disposal via the Roku Channel Store. From here, users can access a ton of their favorite streaming apps and a lot more. Another solid point of these TVs is their display, as they come with 55-inch and 65-inch screen size options.

Both display options offer a 120Hz refresh rate, 800 nits brightness, HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision IQ support. These are some of the display specifications that buyers looking to spend above $1000 on a smart TV need. For its audio capabilities, these TVs come with Dolby Digital audio and a 30W speaker to help improve sound quality.

Turning to smart features, these smart TVs offer users Google Assistant and Alexa virtual assistants. These smart TVs pack a ton of connectivity ports, so users don’t have much to worry about. The new Sharp Roku Smart TVs feature a sleek design with slim bezels on three sides of the display.

If you’re looking to purchase any of these new devices, the 55-inch option retails at $1200. But if you’re looking to purchase the larger 65-inch option, then you’ll spend $1500. However, these new TVs are currently on discount for the Black Friday sales, so you’ll get them for less than their original retail price.

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