The Pixel 7 Pro’s panorama mode is still so far behind the iPhone

apple iphone 12 pro max vs google pixel 7 pro camera

Rita El Khoury /

I shuttle so much and I really like taking landscape pictures in scenic places. They’re a good way to seize the immensity of the Alps, the peacefulness of the Slovenian seaside, or the Toronto skyline from the islands. However every time I take a landscape shot with my Pixel 7 Professional, I in finding the end result disappointing. That is meant to be one of the most best possible digicam telephones in the marketplace, however it may possibly’t sew a few pictures in combination to make a good landscape — how come?

I had neglected this side of the Pixel’s pictures enjoy till I went on a commute with a pal who carries an Apple iPhone 14. That’s after I (begrudgingly) spotted that their telephone used to be taking a lot, a lot better landscape pictures than my Pixel. So what offers? I picked up my previous iPhone 12 Professional Max to analyze this often-forgotten side of cellular pictures.

The iPhone captures panoramas with all lenses

apple iphone 12 pro max vs google pixel 7 pro panorama

Rita El Khoury /

Just a little of digging printed that there are two main variations within the panorama-shooting enjoy between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Pixel, and the primary one is plain from the instant you release the mode within the digicam app.

Google doesn’t give me any keep watch over over the pano enjoy. I will get started shooting the usage of the telephone’s primary rear lens and prevent — that’s it. Apple, alternatively, we could me take panoramas with all the telephone’s lenses. Since I’m the usage of my iPhone 12 Professional Max for example, I will shoot panoramas with the principle lens, the ultrawide, and the two.5x telephoto lens. That’s already a significant benefit. The flexibility of zooming or increasing may be very neat and we could me body the shot precisely how I need.

The photographs under display the similar river financial institution shot with the ones 3 lenses. The principle lens does the task, however I will believe the ultrawide being very at hand for shooting extra majestic landscapes and the zoom being best possible for town skylines.

Probably the most pictures under were cropped for higher alignment, transformed from HEIC to JPG, and/or compressed. To pixel-peep on the full-resolution unique samples, test this Google Force folder.

iPhone vs Pixel panoramas: A subject of decision and element

The second one distinction is within the ultimate symbol. The Pixel 7 Professional shoots very, very low-resolution panoramas — or no less than it compresses them in an instant after snapping them. The most important panos I’ve stored are round 1600 pixels in width, and not more than 5MP in measurement. Ouch. For a sensor that’s in a position to 50MP and binning right down to 12MP, 5MP is so, so meager. That is overdue ’00s or early ’10s digicam generation.

Because of this, Pixel-shot panoramas are positive if I take a look at them on my telephone’s display screen, however don’t get up to the pinching take a look at. Main points are inexistent. The principle reason why to make use of the landscape mode, i.e. the facility to seize extra in one photograph with out the trouble of guide sewing, is totally misplaced as a result of I finally end up with fewer main points and data than if I snapped an ultrawide shot or were given a couple of common pictures and blended them in Photoshop later.

Via comparability, Apple captures and saves panoramas at — or close to — every sensor’s most decision. The ensuing symbol is a high-resolution snap with a lot of element; many of the panoramas I’ve shot are greater than 20MP and infrequently even reached 60MP in measurement. The adaptation is actually evening and day and I will pinch in to show so much.

Right here’s some other crop from some other riverbank snap. You’ll be able to see that, in contrast to the Pixel, the iPhone manages to seize numerous element from the structures and timber.

The Pixel 7 Professional panoramas get HDR and hues appropriate

The Pixel nonetheless manages to attain some issues, even though — no less than in comparison to my older iPhone 12 Professional Max. Panoramas shot on my Pixel 7 Professional have a greater dynamic vary than the ones I took on my iPhone.

Apple doesn’t appear to be the usage of any HDR corrections right here: Some spaces are overexposed, others underexposed, and panoramas don’t forgive that. You’re already pushing your telephone’s digicam through blending many “mini” scenes of various brightness and publicity, and the iPhone doesn’t do itself any favors through totally eschewing HDR. Alternatively, I point out this with the caveat that I’m the usage of an older type, so perhaps the more moderen iPhone 13 and 14 have mounted that.

The Pixel additionally wins a couple of additional issues for its distinctive 360 photograph sphere mode and the liberty to seize panoramas in any course (i.e. it may possibly snap them right-to-left and bottom-to-top, in contrast to the iPhone which simplest does left-to-right and top-to-bottom). Plus, for my part, I favor Google’s colour science even supposing it feels a slightly over-saturated. I in finding Apple’s colours too cool. See for your self.

Pixel 7 Professional vs iPhone landscape: A ‘transparent’ winner

Regardless of the Pixel’s higher HDR and hues, I’ve to offer Apple the win right here if just for the higher-resolution snaps. You’ll be able to at all times edit and make stronger colours, however you’ll be able to’t upload element.

Once I seize panoramas, I do it to get extra into the photograph — extra width or top, extra element, extra fascinating topics — and be capable to recall that second in time later as though I’m seeing it with my very own eyes once more. My eyes don’t see a blurry mess, they see element, and the Pixel 7 Professional fails to ship that, unfortunately. The iPhone does. And the method to transfer to the ultrawide or zoom lens to border issues in a different way is the cherry on height.