In no world is the PS5 not an awesome way to play games and because of this Black Friday sale the new PS5 Slim bundle is being discounted down to $499.99 from its original price of $559.99.

I’ve been using the PS5 since it was originally released and I absolutely love it. While I enjoy gaming on PC and other platforms like Xbox and Switch, the PS5 has been my favorite for numerous reasons. Even if you only enjoy console gaming a little bit, you definitely want to consider grabbing the PS5 in this bundle thanks to the price drop. Even at full price it’s worth the money.

PS5 Slim Bundle – Amazon

For starters, the bundle comes with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. And because of the discount you’re basically getting the game for free. If that’s not a reason to pick the PS5 Slim bundle up then I don’t know what is. Secondly this bundle does include the “Slim” version of the console. Now Sony isn’t officially calling it the Slim but it is indeed a little bit slimmer and a little shorter. It also comes with the detachable disc drive should you ever not need that.

One of my favorite things about the PS5 is its exclusive titles. Aside from that it’s the fact that it has expandable storage via an M.2 NVMe SSD. This gives a lot of choices for adding storage to your console beyond its stock internal storage capacity. The SSD is really easy to install. And once you get it up and running you can set it as your main storage for games. Since putting an SSD into my own PS5 I’ve yet to come close to running out of space. Although it definitely helps if you buy an SSD with a larger storage capacity.

Whether you’re buying a PS5 for yourself finally or getting one as a gift, you can snag this bundle on sale from the link below.

PS5 Slim Bundle – Amazon

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