These Are The Most Powerful Supercomputers of The World.

But…What Are Supercomputers?

IBM Summit. Source: Summit.

What Are They Used For?

Most not unusual makes use of.

Photo by means of Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Where Are They Located?

Photo by means of Shai Pal on Unsplash
Marenostrum Barcelona. Source: BSC.

These Are The Top Five.

Supercomputer Fugaku by means of Fujitsu.

Supercomputer Fugaku. Source: DataCenterDynamics.

Summit by means of IBM.

Summit. Source: IBM.

Sierra, Also by means of IBM.

Sierra. Source: IBM.

Sunway TaihuLight by means of NRCPC.

Sunway. Source: NRCPC.

Tianhe-2A by means of NUDT.

Tianhe 2A. Source: NUDT.