These smart running insoles helped me improve my form in 2 weeks |

These smart running insoles helped me improve my form in 2 weeks



Comfortable and sturdy design
Pronation/footstrike insights are useful
Built-in GPS is a pleasing addition
Connects to Apple and Garmin watches


First-gen {hardware} issues
Limited third-party app strengthen
GPS efficiency may well be higher
Short battery existence
Nurvv Run app will also be buggy

Bottom Line

The Nurvv Run insoles helped me improve my running form in just a few weeks. They could also be too dear and too area of interest for many runners, however the platform has a ton of doable. We can not wait to look what Nurvv has in retailer for its gen-two insoles.

$300 is some huge cash to spend on those insoles, particularly with their {hardware} problems and younger device platform. Most folks will have to wait till they are on sale.

Nurvv Run

by means of Nurvv

The Nurvv Run insoles helped me improve my running form in just a few weeks. They could also be too dear and too area of interest for many runners, however the platform has a ton of doable. We can not wait to look what Nurvv has in retailer for its gen-two insoles.

$300 is some huge cash to spend on those insoles, particularly with their {hardware} problems and younger device platform. Most folks will have to wait till they are on sale.

Running watches are handy for monitoring direction, center charge, and different kinds of very important running knowledge, however they are able to’t monitor the whole lot. That’s the place smart running shoe insoles come into play. Nurvv, a London-based startup, has created the Nurvv Run in hopes to assist runners achieve their targets. They track necessary metrics like pronation and footstrike and offering real-time tempo teaching comments throughout the Nurvv app. Read our complete Nurvv Run assessment to look if those smart insoles will have to be your subsequent giant running equipment acquire.

About this Nurvv Run assessment assessment: I used the Nurvv Run for two weeks running device model 3145. The Nurvv Run assessment unit used to be supplied to download apk .apk by means of Nurvv.

What you wish to have to understand concerning the Nurvv Run

nurvv run review tracker on foot 3(*8*)

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / download apk .apk

The Nurvv Run insoles encompass two portions. The insoles themselves — which slip beneath your commonplace running shoe insoles — and foot pods that connect to the insole clip at the out of doors of your shoe. You take those foot pods off to fee the device in between runs.

The insoles connect with Android and iOS, in addition to Garmin and Apple watches. The Nurvv platform helps knowledge uploads to Strava and Apple Health. Nurvv says extra platforms are at the manner too.

But why purchase smart running shoe insoles over a GPS running watch? There are 16 force sensors in every Nurvv Run insole to observe your running efficiency. They will monitor the entire same old metrics you’d be expecting — cadence, step duration, tempo, distance, and elevation. Additionally, they’ll monitor metrics you’ll be able to’t get with a running watch like footstrike and pronation. You too can pair an exterior center charge sensor to get that knowledge in the Nurvv app or for real-time center charge zone cues.

The Nurvv Run device objectives to assist runners improve their running form, achieve tempo targets, and cut back harm by means of offering a novel running well being rating. Those are lofty claims. I believe Nurvv delivers on a few of them, whilst others want growth.

What I really like concerning the Nurvv Run

Light, at ease design

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Perhaps extra skilled runners will take factor with this, however to me, the Nurvv Run insoles are somewhat at ease. All in combination, they weigh 22 grams every. They’re tremendous skinny, too. I didn’t want to loosen my running sneakers a lot after putting in them. I couldn’t in point of fact realize a distinction when status, strolling, or running with them both.

The pods at the facet of your foot protrude out a little greater than I’d like, alternatively. It makes stretching with the insoles connected bulky every now and then. But once I’m out running, I don’t realize them a lot.

The Nurvv Run pods include an IP67 score for mud and water resistance. They will have to be effective to put on in the rain or in case you step in a puddle. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t cross dunking your sneakers in a pool after your run. Importantly, the pods have an IP67 score however the insoles don’t. I used to be in particular instructed by means of Nurvv that if I’m stuck running in the rain, I’d want to stay up for the pods and connectors to dry utterly sooner than detaching them from the insoles.

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Hardware connectivity is a large win


Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / download apk .apk

You can use the Nurvv Run insoles various tactics: on their very own, hooked up for your telephone, or hooked up to an Apple Watch or Garmin watch.

Use them on their very own (no telephone or hooked up watch) and also you’ll nonetheless get a standalone GPS connection. I didn’t be expecting this to be a characteristic of the Nurvv Run when the product used to be pitched to me, however I’m satisfied it’s there. This will surely enchantment to you in case you don’t like running with a telephone or a cumbersome watch.

Standalone GPS efficiency is appropriate, no longer nice. Below, you’ll be able to see a four-mile run with the Nurvv Run (blue) and the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro (orange).

nurvv run review gps data vs garmin fenix 6 pro(*3*)

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / download apk .apk

The Fenix 6 Pro, as appears to be the case in recent times, displays me running thru structures and random yards once I’m in fact at the facet of the road. See the six-block instantly on National Avenue to look what I’m speaking about. The Nurvv Run used to be ready to stay my trail in the road for probably the most phase, however no longer utterly. The unlucky factor is this space of the direction isn’t even closely lined with bushes. It’s simply an open residential group.

Further alongside in the run (underneath) you’ll be able to see the Nurvv Run took a web page out of the Fenix’s e-book. It confirmed me running thru properties and yards. Again, this space isn’t lined by means of bushes. Overall, the Nurvv Run’s GPS appears to be hit and miss.

nurvv run review gps data vs garmin fenix 6 pro 2(*2*)

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / download apk .apk

As discussed, you’ll be able to attach the Nurvv Run for your Apple Watch or Garmin watch. Connect it for your Apple Watch and you’ll be able to concentrate to audio cues together with your Bluetooth earbuds. Audio comments isn’t supported with Garmin watches, sadly.

Connecting the Nurvv Run for your telephone, alternatively, gets you the most productive total enjoy because of Pace Coach.

Pace Coach is splendidly useful and a bit disturbing

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Using your telephone, you’ll be able to faucet into Nurvv’s Pace Coach — one of the headline coaching options of the insoles. Pace Coach offers you real-time teaching all the way through your run that can assist you achieve a particular goal tempo, whether or not it’s for a restoration run or or a velocity consultation. This is one of my favourite portions of the Nurvv Run.

After you get a couple of runs beneath your belt, you’ll choose a base run on which to construct your Pace Coach exercise. If you latterly took a five-mile restoration run however want to lower your velocity a little subsequent time, choose that run in the app. The Nurvv app will estimate that run’s total rating from 0-100 (really easy to very arduous) and set it because the baseline in your exercise. You’ll then choose your goal rating by means of sliding a toggle proper or left. Increase the objective rating by means of a couple of issues and your tempo and overall running time will lower. You too can lower the objective rating for an more uncomplicated, slower run.

I admire the consistent comments whilst running, however it might get extraordinarily distracting.

Then, cross out in your run. You’ll need headphones hooked up for your telephone for this phase. During your run, the app offers you real-time teaching. It will inform you to extend or lower the doorstep duration or cadence in order to fulfill your goal tempo rating by means of the tip of your exercise.

It’s in fact somewhat useful in apply so long as you’re prepared to hear a jarring voice for a couple of miles. Pace Coach is there that can assist you improve, so it’s assumed most of the people gained’t be spot-on with their stride duration or cadence all of the time. That method you’ll pay attention a voice telling you to modify issues each and every few seconds. It will get previous temporarily. There had been occasions the place I wasn’t in a position for the entire audio comments and my five-mile run felt like a part marathon.

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Overall, Pace Coach is well-implemented and shall be very useful for a large number of runners. I don’t have any grand concepts on methods to improve the audio comments, despite the fact that I want to see it paintings with Garmin watches in the longer term. Currently Apple Watches are the one wearables that strengthen live-coaching audio cues.

I’d additionally like to look Nurvv put into effect live-coaching for extra running targets, no longer simply tempo. Pace targets are helpful, however I’d love to look a goal function for one thing like stride duration or cadence. Nurvv already screens stride duration and cadence anyway. Theoretically, it shouldn’t be too tough to put into effect this selection.

I’ve legitimately advanced my running form after the usage of the Nurvv Run

nurvv run review pronation details(*7*)

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / download apk .apk

I’ve a pronation drawback. Well, an over-pronation drawback. The Nurvv Run insoles helped me determine it and gave me steps to extend my impartial pronation.

This is the place the Nurvv Run has a leg up (or foot up?) over a running watch. Those 16 force sensors within every insole are ready to trace your pronation, or the inward rolling of the foot because it makes touch with the bottom. The Nurvv app offers you a pronation breakdown in chart form for every foot, calculate your total impartial pronation share, and inform you methods to improve.

It really useful that I cut back my over-pronation and gave me a regular set of tips on how I would possibly wish to do this. None of the information introduced right here is especially personalised. If you wish to have to improve your pronation, you continue to could also be caught with Googling pointers and methods on how to take action.


I’ve additionally advanced my footstrike with the Nurvv Run. From the first actual time I examined those insoles at CES 2021, I knew I had to build up my forefoot putting. After every run, the insoles come up with a heatmap of your footstrike breakdown. It entails percentages for forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot putting. You’ll additionally get footstrike graphs in line with every foot, in addition to barebones directions on methods to improve your footstrike.

If you’re running on a treadmill, you’ll need the Nurvv app open in simple sight. It displays you a real-time footstrike breakdown so you’ll be able to make corrections whilst you’re running. It’s superior.

These metrics most likely gained’t enchantment to complicated runners who’ve already established their form. Nevertheless, I believe everybody else gets so much out of this metric. I do know I did.

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What may just use some paintings

This isn’t $300 {hardware}

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The Nurvv Run insoles are a first-generation product and that’s mirrored in the {hardware}. In its present form, the {hardware} will not be just right.

I’ll preface this by means of announcing the insoles aren’t the issue right here — it’s the pods. Once the pods are clipped into position (at the insoles or at the charger), they’re extremely strong. Too strong. It’s extraordinarily tough to snap them off of the insole or charger clip. I believe like I’m going to damage the {hardware} each and every unmarried time. One or two occasions, I’ve even utterly given up on taking out them as a result of I am getting too annoyed.

And I’m no longer by myself, both. Apparently many Nurvv Run customers wreck the charging mechanism when seeking to snap the pods off of the charger. I’m hoping this shall be fastened with the second-gen Nurvv Run.

Better {hardware} would a great deal improve all of the Nurvv Run enjoy. Here’s hoping these items are fastened in the following Nurvv Run insoles.

There’s additionally a query of ways lengthy the insoles will ultimate. After all, you’re dressed in them beneath your exact shoe insoles, in order that they’ll be taking a beating. Nurvv says they are going to ultimate concerning the life of three pairs of running sneakers. That can be a couple years in case you’re fortunate, however avid runners would possibly want to substitute theirs quicker. If your insoles (no longer the pods) prevent operating, you’ll be able to purchase alternative insoles from Nurvv’s website online.

Some of that is out of Nurvv’s regulate. Smart insoles are inherently harder so as to add to or take away out of your running sneakers in comparison to a more effective product like a foot pod. Shoving the insoles into your sneakers and forcing the clip onto the facet of the shoe lining will all the time be extra awkward than just clipping a foot pod onto your laces. That’s the cost you pay if you wish to have 16 force sensors underneath your ft, I suppose. Regardless, in case you regularly exchange sneakers or simplest wish to use the Nurvv Run sporadically with a unmarried pair of trainers, I believe most of the people gets lovely uninterested in swapping them out. At least I did with my Nurvv Run assessment unit.

Battery existence is just too brief

nurvv run review tracker connectors(*6*)

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / download apk .apk

I wish to minimize Nurvv some slack. Smart running insoles are a more moderen product class and thus include a couple of {hardware} barriers. However, battery existence will without a doubt be a subject for most of the people. Nurvv estimates the Nurvv Run pods will ultimate about five hours on a unmarried fee. That virtually strains up with what I’ve skilled over the previous couple of weeks. My battery metrics are leaning in opposition to 4.5 hours of use.

Most folks gained’t undergo all of the battery in a unmarried run. Nevertheless, five hours isn’t lengthy sufficient to really feel at ease no longer charging them in between each and every run or two. I now have battery nervousness with my running shoe insoles, which isn’t one thing I’m delighted about.

For what it’s price, charging time is brief. If you omit to fee up your pods, it shouldn’t take lengthy to get sufficient of a fee for a brief run.

Running Health rating can’t be taken at face worth

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While Nurvv doesn’t supply a lot in the way in which of restoration knowledge, it does be offering an total Running Health rating. It is in line with your coaching load, cadence, pronation, and steadiness. Each one of those metrics will get a rating of 0-100, which can be then added as much as create an total Running Health rating. A rating of 0 method “no longer wholesome” and may just outcome in a better possibility of harm, whilst a rating of 100 method “very wholesome” and most likely method there’s a decrease possibility of harm.

You can faucet on every one of those metrics to be informed extra about how Nurvv is inspecting positive facets of your running. Each web page is stuffed with information with charts, summaries, and suggestions. The function is to make use of this data to come to a decision whether or not or no longer you’re overtraining or in case you will have to improve in any explicit space. All of that is that can assist you keep away from harm up to imaginable.

I really like the theory of an all-encompassing Running Health rating, however Nurvv’s implementation is lacking key knowledge issues that may virtually surely have an effect on maximum runners’ exact running well being. The Running Health rating does no longer come with necessary components like center charge variability or sleep period or high quality — two extraordinarily necessary metrics when figuring out restoration and total running well being. Other health platforms that experience appropriate running watches (Garmin, Apple, Whoop, and so on.) are ready to trace HRV and sleep to supply extra correct restoration main points. Thus, it’s best possible to not take Nurvv’s Running Health rating at face worth.

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They’re dear (as a rule)

We’ll get into the price proposition in a bit bit, however the Nurvv Run insoles are dear at $300. This is an ungainly worth level for one thing this area of interest.

I consider the Nurvv Run insoles are best possible used in conjunction with a wrist-based wearable. Most folks taking a look into the Nurvv Run insoles will more than likely already personal an Apple Watch, Garmin watch, or any other GPS running watch. That wrist-based wearable will without a doubt stay your go-to running spouse, whilst the insoles will have to be checked out as an add-on. However, $300 for an add-on — regardless of how just right it’s — shall be too dear for most of the people. After all, you’ve already spent loads of bucks on a running watch.

Odds and ends that want growth

Here are a couple of different {hardware} and device annoyances I’ve discovered during my checking out:

  • Limited third-party app strengthen: The Nurvv app can ship your knowledge to Strava and Apple Health in case you so make a selection, however that’s it. Unfortunately, you gained’t to find Training Peaks, MapMyRun, or another well-liked running products and services.
  • No export choices from Nurvv app: Those who like inspecting their running knowledge in different device will want to depend on a Strava/Apple Health connection to make that occur. As a long way as I will be able to inform, you’ll be able to’t export GPX or FIT recordsdata from the Nurvv app.
  • The app will also be buggy: The Nurvv app seems like a piece in growth in some respects. When I signed up for the provider, I mentioned I used to be 5’11” tall. The Nurvv app transformed that to centimeters however by no means categorized it as such. According to the app I’m 180 ft tall. I’ve run into a couple of different insects in the application, despite the fact that they’ve since been fastened.
  • Missing some metrics: For up to the Nurvv Run insoles monitor, there are a few things we’d like to look added in long run iterations. The giant ones we’d like to look are running energy and restoration insights.

Nurvv Run pricing and availability

The Nurvv Run insoles are to be had from Amazon, (*16*)Best Buy, and for $300. They come in four sizes and simply one colorway.

The insoles hardly see reductions, so as a rule you’ll be caught with the $300 worth level. They had been on sale in brief for Black Friday this 12 months, so we’re hoping to look them to be had once more with that candy $100 cut price when Christmas approaches.

Nurvv Run

Looking for knowledge in your pronation, footstrike, and total running well being? Look no additional than the Nurvv Run, a couple of smart running insoles and trackers that clip onto the perimeters of your running sneakers. They’re gentle and sturdy, and they are necessarily a no brainer for individuals who wish to improve positive facets in their running.

Nurvv’s largest festival in this house is the Stryd foot pod. While the straightforward, clip-on foot pod misses out on foot strike place and pronation metrics, it provides running energy knowledge for much less at $219.

Nurvv Run assessment: The verdict

If I may just give a Product With The Most Potential Award at download apk .apk, I’d give it to the Nurvv Run insoles. There’s so much right here to love, and far of it’ll without a doubt be advanced with the second one iteration. Foot strike and pronation, in addition to the live-coaching options, are specifically giant wins for the insoles.

However, in case your form is already well-established and you’ll be able to’t see your self the usage of the live-coaching characteristic, I’m suffering to look a explanation why so that you can purchase the Nurvv Run. Most of the metrics the Nurvv Run tracks can already be tracked with a running watch.

Here’s hoping Nurvv is in a position to iron out one of the crucial kinks with its subsequent iteration.

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