Things I’d love to do too if I used to be a mad authoritarian President…

I stated “issues”, however the publish is encouraged through this one instance:

Philippines’ Duterte Says He Will Ban E-Cigarettes, Threatens To Arrest Vapers

Oh glance, here is some other mad factor it could amuse me to do:

All tattoos uncovered inside of North Korea should display reward in opposition to the Kim (leaders) circle of relatives or another way have some more or less licensed political objective attributed to them.

Fantastic – I would not ban tattoos, simply legislate their content material (and portions of the frame they are able to be implemented, in fact.)   Let’s see:  characters from Steven Spielberg motion pictures accepted, however most effective on higher palms and chest, below the blouse line.   Neck and again tattooing utterly banned.  Tattoo at the face way prison time.