Samsung’s deal on the 85-inch TV for $1,000 off is a fantastic deal but not everyone has that kind of a budget for a TV, and if you’re in that camp then consider this LG deal on the Class 80 series TV with a 55-inch display as part of its early Black Friday sale. It’s normally $899 but Best Buy has it for $200 off which brings the price down to $699. For some this might even be a better deal all-around because not only is the price lower but the display size isn’t ungodly huge.

This is also a smart TV running on LG’s WebOS platform. There are a few notable things with this. One is that you get access to a native app for GeForce NOW. Meaning you can buy games on Steam, GOG, or other PC game clients, then access them through the cloud via GeForce NOW directly on your LG TV. You’ll still need a subscription to GeForce NOW and a compatible controller to link to the TV. Such as an Xbox controller.

If gaming isn’t your thing then you can still benefit from smart TV features like access to streaming video and music apps. Most or all of your favorite services should be available. Including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Crunchyroll and more. What doesn’t get talked about enough is the AI processing features this TV offers. The AI-embedded Alpha 7 Processor Gen6 will use AI to detect what you’re watching and improve both the sound quality and the picture quality. That way you get the best experience possible for movies, TV shows, and even games. This TV also has the Game Optimizer feature plus a compatible HDMI 2.1 port for gaming if you have a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

You can snag this TV deal from the link below.

LG Class 80 Series QNED TV – Best Buy

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