This Bath Mat Turns Bloody Red When Wet

Have you ever ever sought after a present that simply screamed “OMG, I’ve severed an artery! Am I about to hit the top recreation at existence?” You could have? Actually? How a couple of tub mat that makes it seem like you simply walked via against the law scene? That are supposed to do it! Meet the Bloody Tub Mat! The colour converting tub mat that turns into bloody pink when it will get rainy.

The slightest quantity of water produces the blood impact in an instant. The pink that looks in a pink deep colour, especially true to what you’d be expecting when you had if truth be told reduce your self. When timed, a small splatter dries and disappears in 5 mins; the bigger drips takes 15 mins. Best timing for it to be able on your subsequent sufferer. The mat itself is lovely skinny, so it’s now not for on a regular basis use, extra appropriate like a gag present or Halloween ornament.


If you want to flip your rest room in a bloody homicide scene, you’ll be able to get this mat on Amazon.