A new iPhone 16 Pro Max concept is out, and it’s presented in a video format. This video has been published by the Technizo Concept YouTube channel, and it does present an interesting-looking device.

This iPhone 16 Pro Max concept makes unrealistic design choices, but it’s fun

Now, in the title, I did note that two key design elements are changed here (in comparison to the iPhone 15 Pro Max). I was referring to the cutout on the display, and the area next to the cameras on the back.

This concept includes a regular display camera hole, instead of a large pill-shaped cutout. We likely won’t see that until the iPhone 17 Pro series, but there’s a slim chance a punch hole may be included on the iPhone 16 Pro series.

The second change won’t be happening at all, almost certainly, but it’s rather interesting. You’ll see a second screen on the back of this concept phone, next to its triple camera setup.

The second display is not happening, but it’s nice to see

That display is very small, but it can be very useful at the same time. Knowing Apple, there’s no way the company will go for something like this, at least not anytime soon. Still, it would be useful for notifications, music control, alarms, checking out the time, and so on.

Another difference compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the general area around the cameras. The cameras and this second display are part of a singular camera island, which takes up a large chunk of the phone’s back.

The camera layout on the back remained the same, basically, as did other parts of the phone’s design. The sides are still flat, with slight curves on the edges, the back and front are mostly flat, and so on.

The iPhone 16 series launch is almost a year away, and this is definitely not what the iPhone 16 Pro Max will look like. Still, it’s nice to see such designs that tickle our imagination from time to time.

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