The iPhone 15 series was among the most highly anticipated smartphones of the year. It could set an all-time record for the company, and Apple took in $43.81 billion from selling iPhones during the quarter. While the new iPhone’s price tag wasn’t a surprise, many customers might be curious to know how much an iPhone 15 Pro Max actually costs to build.

Counterpoint Research has revealed the BoM (bill of materials) for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. The phone is now priced at $1,199 for the base 256 GB model. The BOM includes the cost of all the components that make up the device, including the display, processor, camera, and other hardware. As per the report, the iPhone 15 Pro Max cost only $502 to build.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max cost only $502 to build and sold for $1,199

The phone launches with a more powerful A17 processor and a new telephoto camera. Those two components brings a solid improvement to the device. The BoM details reveal the cost to build the iPhone 15 Pro Max is $37.7 higher than last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was also priced at $1,199.

Additionally, the A17 Pro chip, made on the 3nm process technology, costs $30 more than the A16 Bionic. The iPhone 15 Pro Max camera also became $25.1 more expensive to build. The titanium alloy casing added $7 to the phone’s BoM. Finally, the Super Retina XDR display costs around $4 to buy from Samsung Display and LG Display.

While you might think Apple is selling the phone for $1,199 and making a $697 profit, that’s not how things work. Around 42% of the final price goes to components. However, the costs of manufacturing, shipping, marketing, and software development should also be added to the bill. Let’s not forget the R&D costs. Apple spent $26.25 billion on R&D activities in fiscal year 2022.

In comparison, it costs Samsung $469 to build the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is sold for $1,199. The Pixel 7 Pro also costs around $413 to make but is priced at $899.

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