AWOL is a company that you have likely not heard of before. But they’ve been around for a little while, and have a handful of premium projectors available, including the LTV-3500 Pro. Which is currently on sale for $5,199. Just clip the $1,300 off coupon on the page to get that discount.

So why is this projector so good? Well, it really comes down to brightness. This projector has a brightness of 3500 Lumens, making it one of the brighter projectors on the market. I have actually been using this one for a few weeks (review is coming soon!) and absolutely love it. It’s very bright, even in a bright room, without a projector screen. Now that is rather impressive.

This is still a 4K projector, and it can project up to an 150-inch screen on the wall of your room or house if you want. It also has a stunning picture thanks to Dolby Vision. Honestly, this projector has not made me miss my QLED 4K TV at all. Because of how good the picture quality is here.

AWOL does also include a Fire TV Stick 4K Max at this price, and that’s because it does not have a smart TV OS built-in. It’s pretty barebones. And there’s a compartment on the back for this Fire TV Stick so you can tuck it away and never really see it again. Making it perfect for a man cave, or even a bedroom.

AWOL LTV-3500 Pro – Amazon

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