Logitech makes all kinds of keyboards and that includes one with dedicated emoji keys called the POP Keys keyboard, and there’s a deal on it right now where it’s currently on sale for $30 off the original price. Normally this keyboard retails for $99.99 but thanks to some early Black Friday sales Amazon has it discounted down to $69.99.

This is a mechanical keyboard with keys that Logitech says feel like typing on a typewriter. So if you long for that classic feel of pecking away at keys that will slam inked up letters against a piece of paper, this might be the best way to get that feeling. Short of using an actual typewriter.

The keyboard comes in six different colors which include Mist, Heartbreaker Rose, Daydream Mint, Cosmos, and Blast Yellow. All the colors are on sale but the Blast Yellow is actually a few dollars cheaper and is on sale for $66. Yes, the emoji keys actually insert emoji into chats when you press them too. Although you might need to configure which emoji you want to use if they’re different from the handful of keys you get. Luckily you can do that and Logitech has software specifically for this.

The POP Keys keyboard supports a connection to multiple devices as well including Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Chrome OS. And it can connect through Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt USB receiver for faster pairing and a more reliable connection. You can snag this deal from the link below if your typing could use a little more fun.

Logitech POP Keys Keyboard – Amazon

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