It’s not often you find a deal like this one on the PDP Rematch controller for the Nintendo Switch, which comes with programmable back buttons for an incredibly low cost. This controller usually would cost you $27.99. And that’s honestly not a bad price for a decent wired controller. Especially one that’s officially licensed for the platform you bought it to use with.

But right now you can actually grab the PDP Rematch controller for just $15.77. Or roughly $16. What’s more is that this features a Mario Retro theme that was designed after classic Super Mario games. There’s some really cool features to. For instance you can adjust the game audio when you have a pair of headphones plugged in using the up and down buttons on the d-pad. You can also swap the d-pad and the joy sticks along with the faceplate for more customization.

This works with the Switch and the Switch OLED by plugging it into the dock using the USB port. The controller does come in a bunch of other designs. Like Zelda, a 1-Up glow in the dark option, and a simple black and white dual-tone. But it seems only the Mario Retro model is on sale for this lower price. Some of the others are on sale for a few bucks off still however. You can snag this deal for yourself from the link below if you need a good wired controller for Nintendo Switch.

PDP Rematch Controller for Nintendo Switch – Amazon

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