Looking for a new soundbar to put in your living room, bedroom, or somewhere else in your home? Look no further than Amazon’s Fire TV Soundbar. This soundbar has Fire TV built-in, so you’re using one HDMI port for two things. And right now, it is just $99. That is $20 off of its regular price.

This soundbar from Amazon is really impressive for just $99. As mentioned already, it has Fire TV built-in, so plugging this into your TV, you get a soundbar and a smart TV platform with just one HDMI port. That means you’ll get all of your favorite apps to use on your TV. Including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and much more. Along with Alexa being available to control your TV.

Now the actual soundbar part of it is pretty good too. But let’s face it, this is a $120 soundbar, so don’t expect a whole lot from it. However, this is a DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Audio-capable soundbar. So it’s definitely going to be better than what you get out of your TV’s speakers. This soundbar is actually meant for smaller TVs, since it is about 24-inches long, and about two and a half inches high. Allowing for it to fit in-front of, or underneath your TV with ease.

This is a great soundbar to pick up for a smaller TV that might be in your bedroom, or guest bedroom. It’s also great to give to your parents this holiday season.

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar – Amazon

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