Threads is experimenting with a new tagging system that resembles hashtags. However, functions differently. Instead of appearing as a hashtagged (#) word, these tags transform into blue-text hyperlinks when used to initiate or contribute to a topic’s discussion.

Threads is testing hashtags…err tags

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg first revealed this via a post on Threads. He wrote, “Testing a way to categorize your posts with a tag.” He adds that the feature first rolls out in Australia and other regions will follow soon after. But how does this work?

When you type a “#” into the post text field, a card will pop up with the topic you’re tagging or other similar ones. Beneath that, each of the topics will have a count of the number of posts about it, just like Instagram. For example, if you type #Sky, it will pop up a part with Sky, Sky gazing, and more. That’s pretty much it.

It looks identical to X, but it isn’t exactly

Meanwhile, Threads’ main rival X (formerly, Twitter) has had this feature since 2007. The platform is even credited with introducing the concept of hashtags in social media. Notably, the motive behind Threads’ and Twitter’s remain the same: to categorize the posts. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed via a post.

Another difference is Threads’ tagging only allows users to add one topic to a post at a time. This might limit the reach of people trying to spam. However, it could also be a good thing for those who prefer the clean look of Threads or dislike inline hashtags.

Meta plans to continue improving the feature over time, so this initial version is likely not the final one. Lately, the platform has been on a roll. It recently unveiled many firsts to the platform including the ability to delete the account separately from Instagram, and the option to say no to Facebook and Instagram cross-posting.

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