TikTok has announced an impressive new feature. Called “Add to music app,” the feature does precisely what its name suggests. It lets you save songs you discover on TikTok to your playlist on the music streaming app of your choice. Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music appear to be the three streaming services supported at launch.

TikTok integrates music apps to let you save newly discovered songs

TikTok may have made its name as a video-based social network but it also serves as a great music discovery app. People make videos using trending songs and music tracks on the app, with new songs added regularly. Thanks to its massive global popularity, you may bump into a song you haven’t heard before and like it, or have listened to it sometime back but never added it to your playlist.

The videos do feature the track’s title and artist, so you can easily search for it on your music app. However, that means leaving TikTok and going back to open a new app. The company is simplifying this process by integrating streaming services into TikTok. When watching a video in the For You feed, you will now find a new “Add music” button next to the track name at the bottom.

Tapping this button will let you pick the music app you want to save the song to (a list of installed apps is shown). Select the app and add the song to your playlist. Once you have saved your first song, TikTok will pick the default app and playlist for all future saves (you can change the default app anytime). You will also find an “Add to Music App” on the Sound Detail page. It sits alongside “Add to favorites” above the video grid.

According to TikTok, Spotify will save songs in the Liked Songs playlist. On Amazon Music, you can save it to a playlist of your choice or the app will automatically create a TikTok Songs playlist. Only Amazon Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited customers can use this feature. TikTok’s announcement doesn’t mention Apple Music but the accompanying image shows it alongside the other two streaming services.

This feature is rolling out in two countries

TikTok’s new music discovery tool is currently rolling out to users in the US and the UK. The company promises to bring the feature to more markets but doesn’t commit to a timeline for that. It’s also unclear if it plans to add support for more music streaming apps anytime soon. Always keep the TikTok app updated so you don’t miss out on the latest features.

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