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Tinder Added Incognito Mode to Offer Discreet Experience Online

Tinder Added Incognito Mode to Offer Discreet Experience Online

To offer a safe experience for its users online, Tinder announced a bunch of tools today on the occasion of Safer Internet Day.

These include a new Incognito Mode for keeping your profile much more discreet, blocking unwanted recommendations, long pressing on toxic messages to report, and guides for avoiding harmful behavior and maintaining a healthier relationship.

Tinder Tools For a Safer Experience

With Valentine’s Day approaching and more people expected to flock around Tinder, the company announced a bunch of tools to make users’ experience on their platform safe. This also comes on the Safer Internet Day we celebrate today – by sharing tips on how to secure online.

Talking of which, Tinder added a new incognito mode to let users have highly restricted visibility on the platform. When enabled, your profile will only be recommended to those you Liked already, thus creating a curated experience.

Further, you can block certain profiles that pop up in your suggestions – like those of your ex or a family member – whom you feel awkward seeing on Tinder. This is just an extension to the current blocking feature of certain profiles based on their phone numbers.

And then there’s the support for reporting toxic messages or unwanted images by long pressing on them – and letting Tinder take care of them. The company has also extended efforts to find more and more bad behavior automatically on its platform.

This comes after the company saw a spike in reports (by 46%) from users – of toxic messages via the “Does This Bother You” feature. It encourages the users to report any inappropriate messages in their conversations to be safe.

And lastly, Tinder shares Healthy Dating Guides in collaboration with No More – campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault to help users safely stay online. This series of guides will let users spot red flags in a conversation and stay healthy in their relationship.