Tiny Bubbles within the Clock

When [DonHo] sang about tiny bubbles, he almost certainly wasn’t considering of them embedded in glycerine. But that’s the place the bubbles in [ShinodaY]’s clock live. The viscous fluid holds the bubbles higher permitting the time to be learn extra simply. You can watch the stress-free show within the video underneath.

The concept of operation is unassuming and reminds us by hook or by crook of a opposite Tetris recreation. Solenoid valves on the base liberate air bubbles to shape a row of the show. The bubbles emerging makes room for the following row. The show has as many columns as there are air shops on the backside. Spacing the bubble pixels is so simple as adjusting the timing between air bubbles.

An ESP8266 controls the entire thing because of an I/O expander. Some Neopixel LEDs make the entire thing glance cooler.

This is the second one model of the clock. The first model (see the second one video, underneath) used water, and we predict you’ll agree the glycerine makes the entire distinction.

The undertaking is as a lot aquarium paintings as electronics. We additionally needed to surprise what else you’ll want to show like this? Maybe some crude graphics or tweets? Perhaps the usage of it as a type of fascinating recreation can be cool, particularly if it have been considerably scaled upwards.

For instance, we bear in mind one very massive bubble show (notice: the outbound hyperlink has modified). You may even make a 3-d show — form of.