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TinySA is a $49 Spectrum Analyzer

The NanoVNA made community analyzers affordable sufficient for just about everybody. Now you’ll be able to get a $49 spectrum analyzer to head with it. Is it price it? Watch [IMSAI Guy]’s video after the ruin for his opinion. From the web site:

  • Spectrum Analyzer with two inputs, fine quality MF/HF/VHF enter for 0.1MHZ-350MHz, lesser high quality UHF enter for 240MHz-960MHz.
  • Switchable solution bandpass filters for each levels between 2.6kHz and 640kHz
  • Color show appearing 290 scan issues protecting as much as the overall low or high-frequency vary.
  • Input Step attenuator from 0dB to 31dB for the MF/HF/VHF enter.
  • When no longer used as Spectrum Analyzer it may be used as Signal Generator, MF/HF/VHF sinus output between 0.1MHZ-350MHz, UHF sq. wave output between 240MHz-960MHz.
  • A integrated calibration sign generator this is used for automated self-test and coffee enter calibration.
  • Connected to a PC by way of USB it turns into a PC managed Spectrum Analyzer
  • Rechargeable battery permitting at least no less than 2 hours transportable use

A large number of affordable scopes and PC-based scopes can do spectrum research, too, after all, so this isn’t as unique as a VNA. But at this worth, having a devoted tool may well be price it to you, particularly when you don’t care about frequency under 100 MHz.

There are some boundaries, after all, however the associated fee is correct. [IMSAI Guy] displays a couple of oddities that he didn’t like, however general, it gave the look of a just right worth. If you will have a contemporary scope it’ll already do that serve as, otherwise you could possibly do a device resolution. If you handiest want audio frequencies and you wish to have novelty, check out some ping pong balls