TNDLPT Brings Tandy Sound To Any DOS Pc


The Tandy 1000, amongst different recent computer systems and consoles of the Eighties, used the Texas Tools SN76489 for its sound and musical output. This venerable sound chip can now be used on nearly any DOS system, so long as it has a parallel port – (*2*)because of the TNDLPT adapter!

The adapter is composed of the SN76489, hooked as much as the parallel port in order that it may be addressed by way of the host laptop by means of a DOS Terminate and Keep Resident program performing as a driving force. With the TSR loaded, vintage DOS video games can be utilized with the TNDLPT sound output by way of merely settling on the Tandy 1000 soundcard at set up. It may also be utilized in a number of alternative ways, reminiscent of with the TNDY tracker for song advent, or the SBVGM soundtrack participant.

For the ones keen to listen to the hovering 3 voices (and one noise channel!) of the SN76489 as soon as once more, it is a nice option to do it, with kits to be had at the Serdashop web page for the ones wishing to solder up their very own. On the other hand, get a special vibe with the OPL2 as a substitute. Video after the damage.

(*1*)[embedded content]