Android Update

To create digital fashions in their construction of LEGO with the LeoCAD

The (*18*)LeoCAD is optimized for the larger models, that is the (*18*)Tower Bridge, an original with (*18*)the 4000 body parts:


The application moreover allows greater than one views at the similar time:


(*18*)The simple-to-use

The (*18*)LeoCAD has a very intuitive interface is designed to allow new shoppers to begin to create new models, with out a want to spend numerous time find out the software application.

On the equivalent time, it has a rich set of choices that allows shoppers to create designs using some of the advanced techniques.

(*18*)Appropriate with LDraw

The (*18*)LeoCAD is really suitable with the (*18*)LDraw Same old and the equivalent apparatus, and can be told and write information in (*18*)the LDR , and (*18*)MPD , so that you could percentage and download models from the Web.

It moreover makes use of the parts library (*18*)LDraw, which has nearly (*18*)10,000 in parts and you might be however getting the updates.

Here is a basic educational on how you can use the program, click on on proper right here.

(*18*)You’ll use our repository to place on this software, please see proper right here.


(*18*)Graphic mode: search for and arrange (*18*)leocad.
(*18*)Terminal: use the command beneath.


sudo pacman -S leocad


pamac to place in leocad



trizen -S-leocad


pamac assemble of leocad

Now, you merely have to begin out your new mission!!

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