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These folks who keep Put on OS fans are eagerly waiting for the coming of a modern wave of watches powered by means of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Put on 4100 chip. The most up-to-date wearable chip from Qualcomm has the prospective to dramatically beef up potency on Put on OS watches and possibly introduce new recreation stories, upper battery lifestyles, a richer always-on display, and additional.

The number one 4100 watch to pay attention to, as published once more in June when Qualcomm presented the chip, must be the Mobvoi TicWatch Professional three. We concept Mobvoi was once ready to supply us further details in this new watch once more in June, then again the company has since long gone silent, leaving its release significantly up inside the air. At provide, a list on Amazon may give us a date where we’re ready to check further.

Other than a modern {photograph} of the watch (above), the Amazon UK listing will nowadays will let you pre-order the TicWatch Professional three, announcing that they look forward to it to achieve on October 1. The pre-order price is able at £299.99.

At that price, well, Amazon might be telling us that this watch it will likely be moderately pricey proper right here inside the USA. The provide TicWatch Professional 2020 from Mobvoi is priced at £222.99 inside the United Kingdom and $259.99 proper right here inside the USA. I at all times hate to easily pass by the use of prices from one country to the next, but if the new TicWatch Professional three is priced at £299.99, I wouldn’t be stunned if it was once well above $300 proper right here, possibly spherical $350. A brand spanking new chip and new tech under no circumstances comes at a discount.

The listing doesn’t tell us about other choices or specifications, unfortunately. It does give us measurements of 45.1 x 45.1 x 12.6mm, so look forward to a moderately huge watch. These dimensions fit up to previous TicWatch Professional models.

Hopefully, that release date doesn’t trade and we’ll all be dancing with 4100 watches on wrist briefly.

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