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Treat yourself to a new monitor at these Black Friday prices

Among the many different things on sale for Black Friday is a host of PC monitor deals from brands like ASUS, Acer, AOC, Sceptre, Viewsonic and more. In fact there’s still time left to get a monitor before the prices go back up to their regular amounts. Whether you need a new PC monitor for gaming or not, the Black Friday prices on some of these are really good and worth a look.

For instance, the ASUS ROG Strix XG276Q 27-inch gaming monitor. This is on sale for $199 down from $279. And it comes with a 1080p HD display (an IPS panel which is better for preventing glare), a 170Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, Extreme Low Motion Blur.

$199 is a pretty good price for a gaming monitor to start with. But that price becomes even better when it’s a ROG Strix monitor. As much of the ROG brand stuff from ASUS is top of the line. There’s also an even faster version of this monitor on sale too – the XG27AQM model. This bumps the price up to $529 down from $699. But it also gets a bump in display resolution going from 1080p to 2K. And the refresh rate is better at 270Hz instead of 170Hz.


Also worth noting is that the response time drops from 1ms to 0.5ms. So just about everything is faster. Hence the cost increase. Now these two are just gaming monitors but it isn’t just gaming monitors being discounted. There’s a 34-inch Ultrawide curved monitor on sale from Philips for $335.99 that’s perfect for day-to-day work and watching media. And if you just need something super-duper simple, there’s a 23-inch monitor from Acer on sale for just $90.

You can find all the Black Friday PC monitor deals by clicking here.

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