Trials of Kokoro-TENOKE

A tender guy awakens in a woodland, deep within the Hinodean wilds. He doesn’t have in mind how he were given there, or the place he must be. In spite of this, wielding a blade is all too acquainted to him, and his wisdom of historic historical past is larger than students that experience studied their complete lives. On a quest to bear in mind his previous, the younger guy units out, keen to seek out his approach…

  • Customise your heroes the way in which you need. The sport incorporates 54 guns, 150 several types of armor and equipment, and 92 distinctive talents and spells for the heroes to be told. Moreover, there are 54 gem stones to equip, which toughen the heroes’ talents in several techniques.

  • The sector is filled with unhealthy enemies, and each and every calls for their very own technique. The Aranea Queen, for instance, can entice any person in webs, and consume them right away in the event that they aren’t freed in time!
  • There are a selection of standing results, bonuses, and consequences that may lend a hand or impede you all the way through the adventure. If you’re undecided what a standing impact does, mouseover the nature or monster, and all in their statuses will show descriptions. Moreover, use the Battle Log to test earlier battles, or compensate for one thing you could’ve overlooked all the way through the combat.
  • Battles are turn-based, with distinctive mechanics. Robust spells will take time to forged, and characters can use Loose Movements, particular talents that permit them to right away act once more. Some fights will grant the heroes transient talents, just like the Lend a hand command, which shall we any person supply support to their pals.

  • No grinding. The sport is a linear journey that specialize in battles, visible novel segments, and visiting traders to resupply. Problem may also be modified at any time, even all the way through discussion.
  • Enemy aggro is according to a danger machine. Characters that deal essentially the most injury may have the enemy’s consideration. To lend a hand tweak aggro control to your favour, plenty of choices are to be had, just like the Ring of Pacifism, or the talent, Defensive Casting.
  • Pieces have quite a few other qualities and variations. Blades cast in Hinode, for instance, build up their wielders’ important hit probability, whilst the ones made in Guinevere are way more correct, and will injury an enemy’s armour.
  • The tale is emotional and relatable, that specialize in a gaggle of pals that face hardships in combination, and the way they modify over the years. Trials of Kokoro explores subject matters of circle of relatives, going through one’s previous, coming to phrases with the sector’s true nature, and the idea that of believe.



Aedric awakens in a mysterious meadow, deep within the forests of Hinode. He doesn’t have in mind anything else sooner than then, and is on a challenge to bear in mind who he’s, and the place he belongs. Aedric is extremely naive about many stuff, and may also be some distance too trusting of the ones he doesn’t know.

In combat, Aedric wears heavy armour and wields swords. Aedric can select to hold a defend, which permits him to fully block incoming bodily assaults, or he can forgo protection for larger attacking energy, opting for to combat with two-handed swords, as a substitute. Aedric’s powers permit him so as to add plenty of elemental results to his moves, and he has quite a few spell-like talents, as smartly.


A tender Sol-Ikati, Rhea meets Aedric whilst foraging for herbs, and instantly develops a friendship with him. Despite the fact that immature every now and then, and fast to anger, Rhea is dependable to these she loves, and can continuously put herself in peril, with no 2d concept.

In combat, Rhea fights together with her fists, handing over fast moves, which enable her to construct stamina temporarily. Rhea can inspire her allies, protective them from worry and boosting their assault, or build up her personal pace and evasion, permitting her to behave extra continuously than her pals.


Athena is a touring healer from the Guineverian town of Berholven, A Favoured of Trestae, Goddess of the Stars, she seeks to make amends for her errors. She is stressed via the guilt of her previous, and is extremely ate up with how the sector, and her Goddess, perceives her.

In combat, Athena is in a position to treating the injuries of her allies, purging them of diseases, and bringing them again from the edge of loss of life. Moreover, Athena possesses tough prayers, which build up more than a few sides of her pals’ offensive and defensive strengths.

The First Recreation within the Legends of Vitaria Sequence

Trials of Kokoro-TENOKE

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