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turborepo: Preview Turborepo Tasks at the Pipeline Level

Instructor: [0:00] Another very good tool that Turborepo offers is the –dry flag. This will show you what Turborepo would run when it executes the build pipeline. It tells us the packages in scope. Then, it will tell us what would happen when we run utils build.
[0:21] It tells us the cache, where does this project live, what command it is executing, what are the outputs, and where does the log file live. It shows the dependencies. The utils package doesn’t have any dependency, but it has two dependents, the blog and the dashboard.

[0:44] The same goes for the other packages. Dashboard, it shows us the same information. For blog, it shows us the same information. Here, we can see that one of the dependencies of the blog package is the @monorepo/utils package. This is super handy when you need to know what is going on with your pipelines.

[1:03] To recap, you can always use the –dry flag to know what Turborepo is doing under the hood.