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Twitter and Ad Verification Services Offer Advertisers Tweet-Level Data

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On Wednesday, Twitter Inc. announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify Holdings Inc. to give marketers with tweet-level analysis of content adjacent to their advertisements.

IAS and DoubleVerify, former Twitter partners, deploy technologies to verify that actual individuals view digital adverts. The services ensure that potential consumers see advertisers’ adverts, not bots.

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The expanded collaborations come after marketers cut their expenditure on the social media network after entrepreneur Elon Musk made various modifications after his acquisition.

Integral Ad Science’s senior vice president, Product Management, Craig Ziegler, stated that marketers are seeking confidence to continue spending on Twitter and eventually expand their investment, which is all about.

IAS and DoubleVerify will also monitor brand safety, an industry phase for protecting online reputation and assessing tweet content adjacent to ads.

As General Motors and United Airlines stopped advertising on the platform, Musk struggled to keep them.

Dyson, Mazda, Forbes, and PBS Kids halted their marketing activities or deleted their advertising from Twitter due to tweets promoting child pornography.

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