Uber is expanding its business into a new market. Reports show that Uber is testing an online marketplace for freelance workers in Fort Myers, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta. This move is part of Uber’s plan to broaden its services with a feature they’re calling “Uber Tasks.” Uber is stepping into the arena of online freelance labor platforms like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack. With Uber Tasks, customers can list various jobs, and these tasks will be open for Uber drivers to pick up.

In September, Bloomberg discovered evidence in Uber’s code that suggested they were developing a “TaskRabbit-Like Service”. This feature has now been confirmed by Uber. Uber spokesperson Conor Ferguson says, “This small pilot is the newest way for drivers and couriers to put their skills to work and earn on their own schedule… We’re always thinking about how to bring people more ways to earn with Uber.”

Uber Tasks covers a range of chores such as furniture assembly, snow removal, at-home laundry, packing/unpacking, holiday decorating, yard cleanup, garden maintenance, and lawn mowing. Users can post these tasks, and Uber drivers can browse and reserve them, with estimated earnings displayed upfront.

Uber Tasks lets people in Fort Myers, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta, hire local Uber drivers for everyday chores

Uber has been exploring new avenues to boost its revenue over the past year, including entering the flight booking service industry and incorporating video ads into the Uber app while users wait for rides. Fort Myers, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta, are the test markets for Uber Tasks. Broadcasting jobs to drivers shows Uber’s ambition to offer a more immediate service compared to apps like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack. By targeting Uber drivers already in the area or scheduled to work, the platform aims to provide a quick and convenient solution for users.

In geographically distant markets like Canada and Florida, Uber can assess the types of chores people need assistance with and what tasks drivers are willing to take on. Also, Uber can leverage its established infrastructure to integrate this feature with a competitive fee structure.

While Uber has faced ongoing discussions about its pay structure and driver treatment since its inception, the introduction of Uber Tasks opens up new avenues for drivers to earn money. The success of this trial service will ultimately determine its profitability for Uber in the long run. Only time will tell if Uber Tasks becomes a lucrative addition to Uber’s expanding portfolio of services.

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