(*1*) Factor with fstab CIFS mounts on Ubuntu 20.04

I understand that plazman simply posted an issue mounting nfs volumes from fstab.
There’s every other downside – mounting cifs volumes from fstab.

The internet is peppered with studies of no longer having the ability to mount home windows stocks by the use of fstab. Those studies have an extended historical past but the issues persist.
I’ve attempted each and every prompt permutation of the fstab entries that has been proposed because the “answer” however none of them make any distinction.(*3*)

My two entries paintings at the debian supplied with raspberry pi however they don’t paintings on ubuntu
#mount server_e
//192.168.1xxxServer_E /mnt/server_e cifs credentials=/root/.smbcredentials_server,vers=3.(*5*) (*5*) (*5*) (*3*)

#mount server_d
//192.168.1.xxx/Server_D /mnt/server_d cifs credentials=/root/.smbcredentials_server,vers=3.(*5*) (*5*) (*5*)(*3*)

they do not paintings at boot and they do not paintings with mount -a, even supposing some have discovered that it makes a distinction.(*3*)

Hanging the two corresponding mount instructions in a shell script works completely:
mount -t cifs //192.168.1.xxx/Drive_E /mnt/server_e -o credentials=/root/.smbcredentials_server
mount -t cifs //192.168.1.xxx/Drive_D /mnt/server_d -o credentials=/root/.smbcredentials_server(*3*)

I have been preventing with this downside for over a yr now on 5 separate ubuntu installs.(*3*)

it sort of feels to me the the one imaginable ultimate conclusion is that there’s something damaged within the interplay between cifs and no matter procedure processes the fstab.(*3*)

I for my part do not need the ability vital to debug and unravel this factor. It will truly be a large lend a hand if the builders that care for fstab and cifs were given in combination and resolved it as soon as and for all. And whilst they’re at it, most likely file probably the most non-helpful error messages like “report no longer discovered”.(*3*)

I would possibly upload that for my part unresolved problems like this which are crucial to functioning in the true phrase give a contribution to the “gradual” adoption of linux at the desktop. Whilst I will submit with manually working a script to workaround a flaw within the gadget, the typical pc consumer may just no longer create one of these script and would no longer submit with the annoyance despite the fact that they may.(*3*)

Thanks (*3*)