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[ubuntu] Minor Problems with Ubuntu on Various Laptops


I am a big fan of Ubuntu (14.04 to 22.10) for being beautiful, lightweight and efficient, however, I am facing some problems on various laptops.

Dell Latitude E6500: VGA Driver for NVidia 340 would not install like in previous versions.
Lenovo ThinkPad T540p: Synaptics driver doesn’t work so I can’t use the TouchPad except as a regular mouse. No gestures.
MSI Delta: No VGA Driver for Radeon AMD, No Audio Driver, No RGBKeyboardLight, No fan control

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 10 were smooth on these machines but crashed from time to time. Ubuntu doesn’t crash but on two of these machines I cannot suspend them (or wake them up) and the battery usage is awful on these laptops compared to Windows.

Any advice? Is it my luck or I have to spend more time tweaking them? I couldn’t find any machine that originally ships with Ubuntu in my country.