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[ubuntu] mount cd drive

Does /dev/sr0 exist?

If so, try running


sudo mount -o ro,unhide /mnt/sd0 /mnt

then find all the files in /mnt.

When you are done using it, run:


sudo umount /mnt

Usually, there is an entry in the /etc/fstab to automatically mount optical drives to /cdrom. Alas, none of my systems have that line, so I can’t just copy it here for you to add. It is dependent on the device name. That the name that the kernel creates when it finds the optical hardware during boot. /dev/cdrom0, /dev/dvd0, /dev/sr-something are all commonly seen.

Hummm. thinking a little more, most of my systems don’t have a DVD connected, which explains why there aren’t any devices. On the 1, older system with an optical drive, I see these files in /dev/:
sr0 cdrom cdrw dvd dvdrw
Any of those could be used as the mount device.

BTW, this might not be obvious, but a data disc needs to be inside the drive and it needs to be closed to mount.